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Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

Aid for Ukraine

We have been trying to set up a campaign to provide transport to export aid to Poland and other countries assisting people from Ukraine.

Our aim was initially to finance the first lorry followed by fundraising to supply more lorries to help as many as we can. Unfortunately, red tape has got in our way as it seems the powers that be would prefer us to donate money to large government-backed organisations such as Unicef.

The Board of international trade replied to our request for help in dealing with Humanitarian aid export documents with an email telling us not to interfere and get in the way of the big organisations set up to deal with these types of emergencies. We were more or less told we would be irresponsible to get involved.

 We understand the logic that money sent out can buy aid in countries closest to the conflict zone and this would free up customs and roads in Europe. They have a valid point.

However, we are aware of how many ordinary people in the UK (particularly the polish community) have gone to a lot of effort and goodwill to accumulate useful aid for Ukraine which is currently sitting in storage because the main difficulty is how to get it shipped out.

We are currently speaking with international freight companies who are also having problems with exporting due to Brexit restrictions of getting this aid into and through Europe.

We hope we can find a way out of this deadlock soon.

If any of you out there are able to offer advice or assistance we would be happy to hear from you.

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